Free Love

Alessandro Allori, "Venus and Cupid" (c.1600)

Girl of the wood-ember hair
flash-photo wit
hourglass waist
otter-cub in the tiger’s jaws
bouquet of sunflowers in your mouth
teeth white mice tracks in the snow
teased-amber tongue
tongue stained blood-red by the Host
tongue of a Barbie batting her eyelids
alchemist’s tongue
lashes crayon slashes
swallowtail eyebrows
forehead fogged-up
greenhouse panes
champagne-flute shoulders
– dolphins butting through sea-ice –
matchstick wrists
card-sharp fingers / my Ace of Hearts
harvest-shock fingers
marten-fur armpits
(Midsummer bonfires
of blackbirds’ nests)
spindrift arms
ground fine as grain
skyrocket legs
sparking like clockwork / or despair
calves shoots from the Rata tree
feet like initials
feet like keyrings / feet like bung-taps
pearl-barley neck
whitewater throat / (my love-nest
in the torrent’s bed)
night-walking breasts
sea-otter breasts
crucified breasts
rosebud nipples spiked with dew
belly like a folded fan
a giant claw
your back / a jump-jet hovering
quicksilver back
beacon back
nuque of the neck / a rolling stone
a glass that shatters in your hand
coracle hips
flared hips
pale as a peacock
tipped head-over-heels
asbestos bum
swansdown behind
Spring booty
leaf-dagger sex
sex panning for gold / platypus pussy
sex soft as anemone/ jujube sweet
mirror sex
eyes pricked with tears
violet eyes / my magnetic north
nomad eyes
eyes water to a dying man
eyes one second from the chop
eyes deep as a well / eyes free as air / eyes dry earth and eyes
cool fire

РAndr̩ Breton

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