The Investigation

"You'll never guess what my daughter told me, Pat.”


“That you’d been fucking her behind my back.”


The younger woman sat up suddenly, the red tints of the Martian sun falling on her magnificent smooth body, oiled and exercised and honed to physical perfection.

“She also told me you’d been giving her drugs.”

“And you believed her?”

“Sure. Why not? I know you’re into girls … and you can hardly claim not to be partial to a little chemical enhancement of your … adventures.”

Phil gestured at the to empty glass phials on the dresser beside the bed.

“I didn’t hear you complaining! You were squealing like a stuck pig when I went down on you …”

“Maybe so, but the fact remains that it’s against the law.”

“Against the law! Since when did you become such a goody two-shoes? I was getting tired of both of you anyway – I’ve met a new girl who’s a lot more to my taste. Actually, I was going to tell you about her before I left today. Her name’s Justine, and she is so hot you can literally scorch yourself against her skin. I’m thinking of lending her to my husband so she can fuck him to death and get him out of my life once and for all …”

“Ha, ha. Very funny. I always knew you were a bit of a bitch, but you’re an awfully attractive bitch, I have to say. Luce obviously thought so too, or she wouldn’t have let you have your way with her.”

“Have my way with her! The little slut was gagging for it – she had to beg me for weeks before I’d agree to touch her, even. I don’t think you really know that much about your daughter.”

“More than you think. More than you do, I’m afraid. Anyway, getting back to the point. You’ve broken the law by fucking my underage daughter, but then she’s only within a few months of being of age, so I suspect the courts might be lenient with you on that one. More to the point, though, you plied her with class A drugs – and that I think they’ll take a more serious line on.”

“I’ll say you helped me. I’ll say you held her down while I shot her up – that you were madly in love with your own daughter …”

“I do love my daughter – like any mother does. I certainly love her too much to leave her in the claws of a vicious predatory dyke like you.”

“What about you? You didn’t put up much resistance. How many times have you begged me to get you off?”

“Yes, I was sorely deceived in you – an eager, trusting divorcée, disillusioned with the male sex, I was easy prey for an accomplished seducer like you.”

“I’m leaving now. I don’t have to listen to any more of this shit. You can carry on this conversation with my lawyers – as you start the ten years you’ll have to spend in court to make any of it stick …”

“Not so fast. You’re not going anywhere, sweet cheeks, so you might as well sit those buns down again. You can play with yourself as I talk if the pressure to be up and doing gets too much for you.”

“This is blackmail. You’re blackmailing me!”

“Why yes I am. Feels good, doesn’t it? Fucking my daughter I can almost understand, though it makes me sick to think of your hands all over her. Pumping her full of drugs is what makes me really want to kill you, though. Luckily there’s a third way. You see, there’s something you have we want.”

“Who’s ‘we’?”

“Me and my boyfriend. He’s the one who’ll be fucking me from now on – while you do our legwork for us.”

“And Luce?”

“We’re working on that. A short course in what it means to be a woman. Luckily the detox is for a few weeks rather than the years of child-abuse you had in mind. I think you’d better forget about Justine, too – perhaps your husband would be better off with her, after all.”

“But …”

“Let me start off by telling you a story. Chime in at any point when I get to a bit you know …”

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